Christmas Fun

Christmas came with snow and trees and presents and new jammies. Edda did not really understanding any of the true meaning of the holiday, but she did enjoy ripping through paper on any box she could find. We went out to a farm on Skyline Boulevard, above Portland, to cut our own tree this year, and she helped Daddy pick a good one.

Back home, we put her down for a nap and pulled out all my old ornaments to decorate the tree. When she woke up and saw it, she let out such a huge cry of amazement that I would have done it ten more times to just to see that again. The whole month she examined each ornament and carefully touched them, naming then "horsey, owl, mitten, star..." but never taking them away. She didn't want to ruin the enchantment.

She got a good taste of snow--not her first, but her first since she's been walking. We bundled up and took some walks in the magic, and cracked ourselves up. Merry Christmas, for sure.