Gig Harbor in Summer

We'd been to Gig Harbor before, a cute little harbor town near Tacoma, Washington. But that time it was a chilly winter and we had squishy and sleepy 7 month old baby. This time we went in the warm summer, with a 2 year old (less sleep. more opinions.) And we took my parents!

It's a beautiful town any time of year, but I definitely recommend summer. We stopped by the Harbor History Museum for a great look at the region's history, including the fateful Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which collapsed in 1940: a twisted girder beam stands in the museum as a testament to the strength of the wind, and the lack of engineering expertise at the time. We breathed a sigh of relief at the current, stronger bridge. The museum also is working to restore the Shenandoah, a 65-foot fishing vessel that towers out of the water.

Speaking of boats and water, we visited the boatbuilders at the Gig Harbor Boatshop, a non-profit working to preserve the legacy of building wooden boats on a working waterfront. They offer a few vessels to rent, and we went with a small electric launch. It didn't go very fast, but it went! Edda had a grand time helping Papa steer, and pointing out all the other boats in the harbor.