Sou'wester Trailer Park

Generally, a weekend in a trailer with a toddler isn't high on my list of must-do things, but the Sou'wester Lodge in Long Beach, Washington, must be a bit enchanted. How else can I explain the perfect mix of rain, sunsets, a napping baby, a cozy trailer, hikes, and a hot sauna?

The Sou'wester is a bit of a hipster paradise, trendy and cool. But don't blow it off, because it's still worth it-- the trailers are warm and cozy, and come with record players. The sauna is nice and hot, with a private patio to cool off and an outdoor shower, chilled water, and lights strung up. The weekend we were there, She Shreds, a lady-focused guitar magazine, was having a showcase of a few artists. My husband and I played tag by switching off watching the sleeping baby so each of us could enjoy some time there.

The cabin holds the keys to the sauna, sign-ups for weekly events and classes like meditation courses, and local goods like cranberry juice. Art from their artist residencies can also be found there.

The park is within walking distance of the beach, though in early May we certainly weren't going swimming. Instead we wandered, braved the wind, found baked goods in downtown Long Beach, and drove to some lovely hikes in the area to explore. Then spent the nights in our cozy trailer.

We spent a day wandering the Willapa Bay Wildlife Refuge, and another at Leadbetter Point State Park at the very tip of the Peninsula. We had the trails all to ourselves as we explored the forest and tide pools.

It was a wonderful weekend away, made ever so much better by hipster trends.