San Francisco Visit

We took a quick visit to San Francisco over for some family Thanksgiving time this month. The holiday ended up being a bit hectic with a virus hitting a lot of the family, but we survived and got to get out and enjoy some of San Francisco. My sister lives there, and every time we visit with Edda I can't help but imagine her going to visit her aunt in the future, and exploring the city year by year. I spent a lovely summer living there one year, I'm so happy we have such a connection to it, because I'm still discovering new places to enjoy.

We took advantage of the nice weather to go see the Sutro Baths, which at one point was a large private bathhouse and swimming complex that opened in 1896. It eventually closed in the early twentieth century, then was ravaged by a fire, so now all that's left are some romantic ruins at the edge of the sea. 

If you keep walking around the cliff, you find yourself on one of the best hikes in the city, full of boats and cliffs, surf crashing into rocks, and one iconic bridge. You'll even come across a labyrinth on the cliff's edge, inviting you to walk it's paths in search of your soul. Or just skip over it like an 18-month old. 

We also visited the Japanese Garden inside of Golden Gate Park, where Edda ran wild through the paths and led us on a merry chase.