January Coast Escape

It's hard to say No when you're friends invite you to an escape in the midst of dreary January. When you go to the Oregon Coast in winter, you pretty much just prepare for rain and clouds and count anything else a bonus. So, when the rain held off and the temps stayed around 60 we counted ourselves lucky and explored.

We went to Seaside, which is a great little town in winter. In summer it's a bit overrun for me, but in the calm of winter I can enjoy the kitsch and the quirks a bit better. We popped into the Seaside Aquarium, in business since 1937! It's one of the oldest aquariums in the west. The tiny venue holds tanks of fish, some open to touching, and hosts a gaggle of sea lions, which you can buy fish and feed right there. The sea lions have a much bigger space in back to enjoy, away from prying eyes. 

We spent our weekend roaming the sands and enjoying the hot tub at our rental, once the kiddos were asleep. A good escape!