Blue Lake Park


Edda just figured out how to let us help her walk the other week. So we've been taking advantage of the late summer sun by letting her practice outside as much as possible. She loves it. A weekend or so ago we explored a new-to-us park a bit further out, Blue Lake. It's one I've been eyeing all summer as a fun place to go, since they have a splash pad with tiny fountains and water features for kiddos. I pictured taking our toddling little one out to have all sorts of fun on a hot day. Turns out she didn't want to walk all summer, and she's not a big fan of spraying water yet. Ah, my best parenting plans.

We decided to check it out anyway, and found a bustling park with plenty of features for families. There was lots of space to rent picnic tables and covered areas, paddle boats, fishing options, a small swimming beach, a 'discovery garden,' and wetlands for exploring. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, so the views over the lake were fantastic. Jesse remembered that he used to go to that park all the time in school, but hadn't been back for years.

We hung out near a picnic table and took turns walking the babe back and forth by the lake and through the gardens. She stopped to watch the ducks a few times, and waved at the nearby families grilling and barbecuing. Once she's a bit older we can find more things to do there, so this was a short trip.


If You Go:

Lots of information lives on the website, but here are a few important facts:

It's a $5 fee to get in.

You can rent paddle boats, rowboats or canoes, play horseshoes and other sports, explore the wetlands, go fishing swim, or play disc golf!

No children under 5 are allowed to swim in the lake (to keep the water clean), but there is a great splash pad they can play in.

No dogs allowed