180Xurros Portland

Earlier this summer I treated Jesse to a Father's Day indulgence at a new place in town: churros! Or xurros, the Spain spelling. You can find them at a few places in town (including a roaming food cart), but this is the first and only all-churros/xurros all-the-time café. Started by the owner of the Spanish restaurant Ataula, 180 sells smaller xurros then the usual ginormous sticks we're used to, looped, fried, dusted with sugar, and served around a platter with a stick, like a lucky horseshoe. They also have a traditional filled Catalonian pastry they call Xurros Rellenos, with fillings like dulce de leche and crema catalane.

The xurros come with an option to be dipped in chocolate, but my preference is to do the dipping myself. They offer lemon curd, marshmallow swirl or caramel, but my favorite is the small pots of rich drinking chocolate (house xocolata). Black coffee on the side is practically required. When we were in Mexico City we ate churros at the famous El Moro churreria, serving up fried dough and thick chocolate since 1935. This little café brought us right back to that delicousness!

Once a month 180 partners with a local chef to come up with their "Childhood Memory" xurro flavor, bringing in different ingredients like matcha tea ice cream or peanut butter brittle. Proceeds benefit local charities, so check it out, and eat 'em up!

If You Go:

180 PDX, Xurros, 2218 NE Broadway, http://www.180pdx.com/

Follow their lovely Instagram feed @180pdx. They're also available for catering and events!