Into the Woods

We spent a night away from the baby! And we were camping! As I was sitting by the campfire thinking about how we were out of cell phone range, and calculating how long it would take to get home in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I had to congratulate myself on being ok with it, overall. Everyone survived--baby spent the night with her cousins and Grandma, so she was just fine. Although, next time I'm on my own for a night I think I'd like to spend it in a nice spa hotel actually sleeping, and not on the ground cursing the rocks.

We found a lovely spot near the Salmon River Trailhead, and it was so nice, and with so many spots, that I do believe we'll be coming back. We scouted a couple sites that were kid-friendly, near calm spots in the river and away from any cliff sides.

It was a quick trip, but we always have to make sure we do at least some camping each summer. Jesse brings his axe and gathers rocks, and I admire the views, journal, and find tiny fairy flowers. This year I also gathered bright green cedar tips, and when I got home I boiled them with sugar and water into a syrup. I was inspired by this Pine Syrup from Dram Apothecary in Colorado. It turned out delicious! I've been mixing it with club soda for a simple flavored soda (also delicious with an alcohol of choice).