Baby Berry Picking

Oh, berry picking. I love it so. We skipped going last summer because I had just birthed a baby and wasn't up for that type of manual labor (we found our treasures at the farmer's market instead). But this summer! This was it! We've been two different times for raspberries and blueberries, and both times Edda plopped herself as near to the berries as she could get and chowed down.

She's still not walking yet and is a little wary of crawling in the grass, so she usually stays put. When we picked blueberries she worked hard at stripping a whole branch of it's fruit (green berries included!) and eating them all. Then she discovered the whole bucket, and was in heaven.

The season is winding down now. We might explore some apples or pears this fall, but berries will have to wait until next year. A whole year! She'll be walking and talking by then, with a bigger belly to pack away even more.