Timberline Lodge

At the end of February, Portland was showing hints of spring–blooming trees and clouds that let the sun peek through. But we decided we needed one more hit of winter, one more walk in the snow. So we headed up to Mt Hood with some friends for a weekend day trip.

I pictured a sunny, snowy hike through the pines, or around a lake: something like this but with a baby.  Instead we got winter. Blustery, cold, snowy, miserable winter. Boo. Mumble something about the best laid plans and all.

Poor baby got a pretty rude introduction to the snow and wind. We ventured outside to snap some pics for all of five minutes before she started bawling, and we hightailed it back to the cozy lodge for hot chocolate and cuddles.

She did give us one smile, and patted the snow a little bit before the wind hit. And really, you can’t complain about warm drinks and a fire in such a fantastic place!

Up at the tippy top of Mt Hood, Timberline Lodge was built as a ski lodge back in 1936, during the depth of the Great Depression. It was dedicated by Franklin D. Roosevelt himself in 1937, and later in 1977 was recognized as a National Historic Landmark. Today, it’s still used as a ski lodge–a beautiful, warm, woodsy, alpine lodge. It makes me want to use the words “chalet” and “après-ski” a lot more often.

Original 1930’s art is still displayed everywhere. You can eat in the dining room, grab a drink in the bar, and rent a room for the night if you’re so inclined, but we just cozied up by the fire and watched the snow and trees outside.

On the way home we stopped at Calamity Jane’s in Sandy. It’s the type of place where they nail decorated dollars to the wall, and the menu is filled with things like pot roast, over 30 different types of burgers, "Cowboy Caviar,” and mac ‘n’ cheese. The bleu cheese burger was top notch after a day of wind and snow–even Edda thought so, munching on raw onions and chunks of bleu cheese.

It wasn’t quite the adventure we had set out for, but we made do anyway! Now for some Spring, please.