Tulip Festival

The yearly promise of May flowers always comes early at the tulip festival, which kicks off mid-March and runs into May.

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farms has over 40 acres of tulip fields to admire, stroll around, or view from the bouncy cow train! With Mt. Hood in the distance and hot air balloons filling the skies, the festival is one big ode to spring.

We visited on a warm sunny weekend in April (along with everyone else–get there early!), and spent a fun time wandering the fields and admiring the blooms. The babe still isn’t walking yet, but she had fun being plopped amongst the tulips, and was pretty thrilled to sit like a big girl in the tractor seat.

We shared a rookwurst sausage from the food tents (she loved the grilled onions!) then admired the working steam engines and tractors.

Buying a handful of happy purple tulips was the perfect way to bring some spring home!