The Cloudy Coast

The day wasn’t cooperating with us, but after 10 months of life it was about time we brought the little one to see the Oregon Coast. So we ignored the overcast skies and went on our little adventure anyway, packing up hats and scarves and extra jackets.

We headed for Cannon Beach, because it’s closest and it’s classic. I mean, you can’t get more Oregon than Haystack Rock on a cloudy day! We threw down our wipe-able mat and blankets, feasted on our picnic, then let the babe go crazy. It took her awhile to work up the courage to leave the mat, but once she discovered the joys of sand, there was no turning back. She destroyed the sand castles we made with glee, razing them to the ground and scattering the ashes.

The sand was somewhat damp, which made it packed and easier for her to crawl on. She scrambled around flinging sand clumps for as long as she could, until she finally succumbed to damp cold exhaustion.

We strolled around town while she napped, grabbed drinks at Insomnia Coffee and dreamed of future beach days with sunshine and waves.