Powell Butte Hike

It was a day to get out and stretch our legs: the 100 degree heat wave had fallen down to 80, and there were even a few clouds in the sky. The last few months I’ve done a lot of pre- and postpartum walking in our neighborhood, but otherwise not much hiking or outdoor exploration. I was thrilled to get out and stretch my legs, as well as try out our Ergo carrier on little Edda. Her first hike!

Powell Butte Nature Park lies within Portland city limits, near 162nd and Powell Blvd. The 9 miles of trails wind all around the butte, which is actually an extinct volcano. The top is covered in a meadow of grasses and wildflowers, but the trails wind around and into wooded forests near the bottom, too. We got a little waylaid with some construction and had to backtrack, making our hike longer than we intended. By the end I was all hot and sweaty, but happy to have seen those gorgeous thistles, a deer, and the views of Mt. Hood and the city. Edda, no surprise, slept the whole time, nestled in her sweaty-but-cozy pouch. She loves being outside, but put her in a carrier and she’s knocked out!

I picked a few wildflower samples, but left most of them for the birds and bees to enjoy. Back home, this little bundle graced my tiny bud vase all week, bringing that fresh meadow-sweet energy inside.