Cape Lookout Hike

Cape Lookout is a solid little day hike that’s been on my list of Things to Do for a long time. Just outside of Tillamook, the 5 mile out and back trail winds along a peninsula, through old-growth pines and carpets of ferns. The turnaround point feels like an end of the world moment, with nothing in front of you but water. On a sunny day the blues of the water and sky meld together into one sapphire view and on the way in you can spy the coastline peeking through the trees, welcoming you back from the edge.

I carried Edda the whole way in the Ergo, which added some extra exercise to my hike. She did great, with some breaks, even dropping off to sleep on the way back. If only someone could have carried me!

If You Go:

Start at Cape Lookout Trailhead. The trail has steep cliff edges in some areas, so keep a close eye on any children not strapped to your body.