Seattle Babymoon

A few weekends ago we drove up to Seattle for a little “babymoon” getaway. One last travel adventure before the little one comes! We spent the weekend exploring around while the clouds chased the sun. Living so close (it’s only a 3-ish hour drive from Portland), we’ve both been to Seattle a few times before, so there was nothing major we felt like we needed to see this time. Our main reason for going was, in fact, the Alice in Wonderland Burlesque Show at Triple Door theater. We’ve been to their Nutcracker show before at Christmas, and had been wanting to see this once ever since! It was worth it!

Other than that, our destinations were all spread out around the city, so we hit here and there and everywhere. Below, my 34 week belly!

I know it’s touristy, but I still feel the need to stop at Pike’s Place Market whenever I’m in Seattle. We got some clam chowder inside the main market area because my belly needed food immediately, then edged around the crowds at the infamous Starbucks to get to Piroshky Piroshky. Always a smart choice!

The next morning we started out with some coffee and pastries at Victrola in Capitol Hill. After that we visited The Elliot Bay Book Company, which I feel like I should have been before, but I don’t think I ever have! I’m so glad that’s been rectified. We finished the morning up with a visit to Glasswing, a great little shop with plants, clothes, jewelry, and a giant stuffed bear. I snagged some delicate triangle earrings and Jesse got an Indigo t-shirt, but we managed to leave everything else there, sadly.

Another day, another rainstorm, saw us in Pioneer Square visiting E. Smith Mercantile. A cozy little market shop with a cocktail bar in back! We didn’t have time for a cocktail (and it wouldn’t have done me much good to sit and sadly stare anyway), but we did pick up some goodies like elderberry syrup, wooden toothpicks, and some gummy candy from the apothecary jars, because I couldn’t resist. We also stopped in to see the art museum, which had a great display of Pacific Northwest Native American pieces. In addition to their regular exhibition, they had a special showing of even more items from all over the country, broken into categories like Plains, Southwest, and more.

A great little 3-day tour of Seattle! Next time we show up there will have to be a bit more kid friendly!

If You Go:

Triple Door: A great music venue with excellent recurring Burlesque shows, 216 Union St,

Piroshky Piroshky: Well-known and delicious Russian bakery in Pike’s Place Market,

Victrola Coffee: Local Seattle coffee roaster with a few locations, including Capitol Hill. 411 15th Avenue E,

Elliot Bay Book CoLovely old bookstore for a full day of browsing, 1521 10th Ave,

GlasswingWell-curated and lovely store full of home goods, clothing, accessories, and more. 1525 Melrose Ave, or check out their online shop at

E. Smith Mercantile: The front of the store carries a selection of US mades goods, and the back holds a tiny craft cocktail bar, 208 1st Avenue South,

Seattle Art Museum: Seattle’s premier art museum, 1300 1st Ave,