Bebe Preparations

I’m still here! I took a bit of an accidental break from blogging (though I do have some ‘babymoon’ posts planned) during these last few weeks of pregnancy. I am exactly 40 weeks along today, and it’s fine by me if this little one wants to come anytime now. I’m already off work, so in an attempt to distract myself a bit more, I thought I’d do a little post of the last few weeks.

I’ve made several things over the months, from little dresses to bloomers, to burp clothes to blankets to stuffed toys. I have no idea if the clothes will fit (hopefully they will eventually!) so I tried not to go too crazy making things, but I have lots ideas and cute fabrics. I love the bloomers– once I can find a good size, I’d like to make more, since they seem like they’ll be easy and cute. The stuffed whale is an addition just from the last two days–nothing like sitting around waiting to give you time to make things! I love how it turned out: it’ll be bigger than her for awhile!

I took an old Ikea dresser we had that was yellow, and re-painted it in a dark navy/indigo, with a stencil of the Amsterdam skyline. Just a little taste of the Netherlands for her! I made the process more challenging than it needed to be, but it turned out really nice.

And a few belly pics from recently, at 38 and 39 weeks. We took a little picnic to Mt. Tabor park yesterday to enjoy the warm weather and the city views. Every date feels like it might be the last one with just the two of us!

I have some posts scheduled for the next few weeks about our babymoon time in Seattle from April. Then I plan to be back with an update and some cute bebe pics! Until then!