We’ve had a busy month with a baby shower, spring cleaning, and getting sick taking up most weekends. I had a great plan to head to the coast and see some whales, but then the Nesting took over and I just had to paint a dresser and organize my closet. Whoops! So, this month’s adventure is a bit lame! But with so many pretty flower pictures I hoped you couldn’t be too upset.

I can’t help but document all the flowers and blooming trees at this time of year. I’ve come to recognize the different parts of the seasonal change already: the snowdrops, the crocuses, the forsythia, then the cherry blossoms, dogwoods, magnolias and camellias come bursting forth, and after that daffodils and tulips are everywhere!

The last photo of the box wrapped with a turmeric-dyed furoshiki is my Spring Seasonal Wellness Share from Portland Apothecary. I’m smitten with this small local company and the way they celebrate the changing seasons. This box was full of goodies like a nettle and clover tea, lemon balm-infused local honey, and an energizing aromatherapy oil.

It feels happily appropriate to be having a baby in the Spring, when everything else is already bursting with life, and Easter rabbits and eggs are all about. I’m still 7 weeks away (depending on when she decides to come), and it’s feeling closer and closer.