Cranberry Bog

Two years ago we visited Astoria, Oregon and Long Beach, Washington in April, and had a great time. I wrote about that trip herehere and here, but I never wrote about our visit to the cranberry bog!

I’ve always been a little fascinated with the way cranberries grow and are harvested (they float!), so it was cool to see a real live bog, complete with a tiny museum and gift shop. The farm, just outside of Long Beach, is actually part of the Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Foundation, dedicated to researching and extending cranberry production on the west coast as well as maintaining a demonstration farm to produce cranberries.

The museum details how a cranberry farm works, and has a range of old farm equipment once used for picking, sorting, and cleaning, like the one above. Outside, signs lead visitors on a self-guided walking tour of the bogs. Cranberries are harvested in the fall, which is when the bogs are flooded with water. A harvester drives through to release the fruit from the vines, then all the floating berries are corralled and pumped out. Since we visited early the vines were young, and we didn’t see much fruit, but if we came back in October we could watch them being harvested!

In the gift shop you can find all sorts of cranberry kitsch, but I’d definitely recommend the foodstuffs: cranberry mustard, tea, jam, and best of all: ice cream to eat on the spot! The perfect yummy end to an outing.

If You Go:

The Cranberry Museum is located just outside of Long Beach, Washington, at 2907 Pioneer Road. It’s pretty small, and will take under an hour to see. It’s not a must-see location or a stunning visit, but on a lazy day, after you get pastries in Long Beach (I recommend the Cottage Bakery, 118 Pacific Ave), it’s worth a short drive and quick visit. Why not?