Katrina Emery


Stories matter. From myths and fairy tales to climate change and politics, the stories we tell ourselves about the world become our reality, and influence us every day. It's up to us to choose which ones we tell and absorb, and it's important to choose wisely.

I've been honored to tell my own stories and others, focusing on local and world travel, food, kids, and history, both in print and online.


“Stories are light. And light is precious in a world so dark."

Kate dicamillo  |  The Tale of despereaux



I hold a degree in Communications, and use it every day to, in fact, communicate. I love learning, researching, writing, telling stories, and going new places. I currently make my home in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon with my native-born husband and our toddler. In addition to writing, I like to sew, embroider, go hiking, and learn languages. I'm always planning my next adventure.

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Born in:

Denver, Colorado, usa

I grew up with the mountains always in my western view, visiting them often. Denver's dry air and sunny days were the perfect backdrop to childhood adventures.

Taught English in:

Prague, Czech Republic

After graduating college I headed to Prague to ostensibly teach English, but mostly for the adventure. I wasn't the only American in Prague, of course, and ended up learning more than I taught. Dekuji!

traveled in:

Mexico city, mexico

Wanting a different experience from the resorts, I headed to Mexico City and was wooed by the deep history, delicious food, and vibrant life I found there.

Lived in:

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

While my husband earned his masters at the University of Amsterdam, I cycled over the canals, studied Dutch, and discovered new kinds of cheese.


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